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Stone grinding machine’s diference in grinding mica and white mica

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Stone grinding machine is widely applied to grinding stone and rocks. It include all the non-inflammable, non-explosive and brittle materials with Moh’s hardness under six, the moisture under 5%. Among these materials, mica is one of the most professional being grinded materials. Many people didn’t distinguish mica and white mica. Clirik’s stone grinding machine is designed on the basis of multiple features of rock and stone.

stone grinding machine

Mica is rock-forming minerals. Its color will change according to chemical component. The features of mica are insulation, heat resistance, luster, high heat insulation property and elasticity, and toughness. In industry, the most useful is white mica, the second is gold mica. It’s widely used in the industries of building materials, fire-fighting, extinguishant, electrode, plastic, paper-making, and cosmetic chemicals. White mica is a kind of mica. Mica have many different types. The most common is white mica, gold mica, Li mica, and black mica.

After crushed by crusher, mica would be brought to main unit by elevator to grind, and conveyed by conveyor, and classified by classifier, and cleaning dust by dust cleaner. This is simple mica powder processing line. The finished size and capacity be adjusted by the customers.

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