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How to make stone grinder save lubricating oil ?

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During operating and maintaining stone grinder, lubricating oil is necessary. But adapting the proper operating method, it will reduce lubricating oil. The right way to turn on and off stone grinder is important factor to save lubricating oil.

First, keeping the right speed of turning on and off stone grinding machine. It’s better not to turn on/off frequently.

Second, avoiding dry running. When the engineer is dry running, the lubricating oil is consuming.

Third, paying attention to not making stone grinder working overloading. forming the habit of checking in time.

Last, checking whether the stone grinder have leakage. Besides, make sure the quality of lubricating oil.

HGM series stone grinder is famous brand in the stone grinding equipment field. Many enterprisers have used it. It’s important to realize operating method and common sense of maintaining for lengthen the lifecycle of stone grinder.