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How to keep maintain air compressor in stone grinding machine

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Air classifier is an important part of stone grinding machine, when air classifier works; through the driving of speed motor moves the blade rotation on turntable, to form a classification of iron ore powders. The speed of the blade rotating is to be adjusted according to the particle size of finished iron ore powder products. When need to obtain smaller fineness iron ore powder, it must increase the blade rotating speed, increase the touch numbers between blades and iron ore powder. So undesirable iron ore powder is thrown to the outer wall from airflow by blades rotating, and then falls into the iron ore grinding mill cavity for re-pulverizing. The qualified finished iron ore powder is through the blades drawn into large airflow cyclone collector and the iron ore powder will be collected. The followings are common problems and solution for air classifier:

The air pressure of air compressor cannot raise

1. Pressure gage broken.

2.Valve film broken

3. Charcoal stick on the air valve

4. Pipe leakage or valve leakage

5. Leakage of piston ring

6. Air consumption too much

7. Oil-water filter broken

1. Replace the pressure gage

2. Replace the valve film

3. Clean or change air valve

4. Repair or replace pipes or valves

5. Replace piston ring

6. Reduce air consumption

7. Replace oil-water filter 

The output of air volume decreases

1.Air valve breakdown

2. Duct system jammed

3.Leakage of duct system

4.Oil-water filter jammed

5.The rotataionspeed too low

6.Worn seriously of piston ring


1.Clean or replace air valve

2.Clean the dust system

3.Check and repair the duct

4. Replace the filter

5.Check and ensure the belt work well

6.Replace piston ring

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