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How to extend the lifecycle of stone grinding machine

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Stone grinding machine is one professional equipment for processing mineral and ores. Yet all the machines have its life span. Today we will teach you some tips to extend its life cycle.

First, when stone grinding machine is working, operator should be watch carefully and  must need certain technical skill. Before installing, operator should be trained and be farmilar with the working principle and operation rules. In order to make stone grinding machine working well, it should be formulate some rules. At the same time, it’s necessary to check tools and grease on time.

After using grinding machine for a long time, the user should should check all the parts of stone grinding machine. It’s better to set a completely plan to check at internal.

It’s necessary to to replace some spare parts. If the spare parts should replace in time, even it’s not damaged badly.

The problems above must be mastered. If you want to know more knowledge about stone grinding machine, plz contact us.