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How to make and use Titanium Dioxide

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Maybe some people heard of Titanium Dioxide, but they don’t know exactly its application. Titanium dioxide powder has been used in the industry of construction coating, paint, rubber, and paper-making.

In the industry of rubber, titanium dioxide can be used as colorant and filler. Adding titanium dioxide in white and colorful rubber product, the rubber products is resistant to sunlight, no crack, no discoloration under the sunlight. With titanium dioxide, rubber is mainly used for automobile tires and rubber shoes, rubber floor, gloves, sports equipment, etc., in general IT is given priority to with sharp titanium type.

Besides, Titanium dioxide is widely used in cosmetic industry. Because of its non-toxic, it’s much better than Pb. All kinds of powder use titanium dioxide to replace Pb lead and zinc. 5%-8% titanium dioxide can make white permanent.

How to make powder titanium dioxide? Stone grinding machine is specializing in producing titanium dioxide powder by grinding titanium ore. The stone grinding machine made by Shanghai Clirik has the features of high efficiency, environmental protection, and energy consumption. The powder are widely used as new building materials and chemical products of raw materials because of rich resource and low price, getting the favor people. At present ,our ultrafine mill ;ultrafine grinding mill not only has a large number of customers at home , but also exported to dozens of countries abroad.our ultrafine mill ;ultrafine grinding mill have exported to more than 130 countries, such as USA, UAE, Ukraine, Japan, Poland, France, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Canada, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Russia, and so on.