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Why to choose Clirik 800-1500 mesh fine powder stone mill

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At present, the micro powder stone mill in the country is relatively small to choose from, we know that the traditional Raymond mill can not meet the needs of customers, like Raymond mill, high pressure mill and other equipment is only suitable for the grinding lower than 400 mesh ore powder, higher fineness micronized roller mill ring restrictions, as well as electric power restrictions, using this type of device processing is not a good choice, and many of these devices simply do not do such a high fineness. How to choose suitable micro powder stone mill in industrial processing 800-1500 mesh superfine ore powder?
SHANGHAI CLIRIK stone mill can be easily processed 800-1500 mesh ore micronized, and the capacity is relatively large, long service life of ring roller mill. If the customer required a small type micro powder stone mill, the best choice is HGM8021, the large equipment Branch Select HGM125 big type stone mill.
SHANGHAI CLIRIK Machinery Co., Ltd. micro powder stone mill on the overall design of the seal design, the link with a seamless integration of the entire production line equipment, making the device processing superfine ore the micronized allows micronized not leakage, no dust pollution, noise pollution, and the targets are exceeded national standards. CLIRIK multiple customer sites around the country, the processing of materials involved in a variety of ores. CLIRIK Can provide customers with the convenience of the customers on-site, to facilitate customers in person at the site visit.