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The close order of stone mill

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To elaborate maintenance stone mill, to do reasonably regular and irregular maintenance to keep machinery clean, periodically check the state of mechanical technology, abnormal timely processing fastening and adjustment for loose and disorders of the parts in a timely manner, preventive replacement of some of wearing parts.

The close order is: feeder - host - Blowers - analysis machine. Stone mill shutdown should be shut down in the following order: 1 Close to the feeder stop feeding; 2 host stopped after about a minute; 3. Blower stop blowing a net residual materials after; 4. Finally Close analysis; 5. Stone mill refueling not be disposed of in normal working hours to ensure production safety.
Finally, to remind you: stone mill in the use of the process, not the maximum load can withstand more than mechanical work, the use of machinery in whatever circumstances. To try to ensure that the mechanical load evenly subtraction, so that the stone mill is more gentle changes in load, specifically, is to more evenly subtraction throttle, to prevent the action of the ups and downs of the engine, working device. Reasonable selection of lubricants, different selection of normal types of lubricants according to the type and application of mechanical structure, according to the mechanical requirements of the appropriate choice of quality and other groups, according to the mechanical requirements of the appropriate choice of quality grade, according to the working environment of the mechanical and different seasons to choose the right lubricant grades.
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