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China stone powder grinding mill for zeolite

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China stone powder grinding mill for zeolite

Superfine grinding mill of zeolite in industry, agriculture, national defense, the use of the medical industry: can do adsorbent and desiccant, catalyst, detergent for other purposes (sewage, soil conditioner, feed additive) natural zeolite is a kind of new material, is widely used in industry, agriculture, national defense and other departments, and its use is also in constant development.

stone powder grinding mill

stone powder grinding mill for zeolite

Zeolite powder is an important material in many industries. So the zeolite powder making plant is widely used in many countries.

CLIRIK can design and supply the whole unit of  stone powder grinding mill plant to produce zeolite powder from coarse powder to fineness powder. Our stone powder grinding mill plant can grind the zeolite under the size of 2mm, the final grain size of zeolite powder can be down to from 47micron till 5 micron in diameter according to powders’ usage.

 The feed material is fed pneumatically into the grinding mill. The particles are pulverized by a high speed agitated grinding media. The grinding media can be stainless steel, chrome steel, alumina or zirconia. The micronized particles are entrained in the air stream and exit the mill in a high efficiency air classifier. The on size particles are separated and the oversize returned to the mill for regrinding.

The process for fine ground and ultrafine ground zeolite produced in a ultrafine dry grinding mill in closed circuit with a high efficiency air classifier.

This grinding process is suitable for zeolite, marble and limestone grinding down to 1 micron average particle size.

China stone powder grinding mill for zeolite :

Ball mill, raymond mill , ultrafine grinding mill , Vertical mill for ultrafine zeolite powder grinding solutions.

stone powder grinding mill for zeolite  Features & Advantages:

1.High quality grinding equipment;

2.Installation Services & Automation & Instrumentation service;

3.Spare parts and consumables parts support

4.Ultrafine powder ( 3000 mesh or 5 micro )