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How to choose stone powder grinder mill parts?

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Stone powder grinder mill equipment is a professional for all kinds of ore materials processing and grinding, also includes many accessories, including filter, silencer, air blower, roller mill ring, etc., accessories is also an indispensable part of micro powder mill equipment, so how to choose the accessories?

Shanghai is one of the largest milling equipment production base, Clirik machinery co., LTD as a powder grinder equipment manufacturer in Shanghai, every year there are a lot of powder milling equipment sold, for customer demand or equipment have a certain understanding. After each customer buy a stone powder grinder mill equipment want to know how milling equipment operation, how to solve problenm. Our company based on the experience of long-term production of powder equipment, help you parse milling equipment accessories technique of choose and buy.

stone powder grinder mill

Stone powder grinder mill equipment is the most easily damaged parts, stick and grinding ring, my company produces the stick and grinding ring all adopt wear-resisting material. According to the technological requirements of grinding equipment and load characteristics of bearing requires the following points

1) in order to ensure the roller rotation accuracy of bearings to have higher precision.

2) in order to adapt to the deformation of the roller to reduce assembly requirements, requirements have certain self-aligning bearing performance.

3) bearing structure to facilitate the installation, in order to roller changing a drawing.

4) a considerable load ability and the ability to resist vibration.

5) good enough cooling capacity.

Stone powder grinding mill accessories can usually also want to choose a good is the application of mill equipment for longer, if you want to buy stone powder grinder mill machine or accessories customer can choose Clirik machinery co., LTD, Clirik machinery co., LTD pre-market after-sales service is the same, we will be presented to you with the best service.