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Large machine of HGM125 stone powder grinding mill machine

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Latest stone powder gridning mill machine is a new product that we have recently developed a new line of reason is the most important thing is stone powder grinding mill machine on the basis of his original greatly improved his performance and efficiency. Of course, now the technical aspects of this product for our company is already very mature. Now I will introduce its performance. 

Stone powder grinding mill machine by the host, analysis machine, blower, finished cyclone, plumbing fixtures, electrical and other components. Where the host from the rack, inlet volute, blade, roller, grinding ring, cover and motor. Auxiliary equipment jaw crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, cabinet, users can flexibly choose according to the site. 

Grinding mill-31.jpg

The new grinding system

1 The new technology uses a new vertical pendulum roller device. Roller and grinding ring during the grinding process is always in equilibrium, to form a uniform line contact grinding zone, grinding roller and grinding ring size from the original 160mm height increased to 200mm, a greater degree of increase in the grinding contact area. 

2 classifier using forced turbine classifier, the granularity of the finished project expanded to 300-3000 range. 

3 wind transport and product collection system, updated to negative, two precipitator dust collection efficiency, the finished collecting more thorough. 

Read my introduction believe our products have a new understanding, and believe in yourself that you chose to select our quality and technology, we will use a more friendly service perfect myself so that we should continue the efforts and progress . Your recognition is my biggest direction hard.

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