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Protection measures of stone powder grinding machine parts

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Stone powder grinding machine, crusher equipment as a high-energy products consumed in the production of power, but the device itself also has a very serious wear and tear, crushers and stone powder grinding machine fragile parts become wearing parts, according to the processing of different materials, mining machinery wear parts replacement time is not the same. During production equipment, production companies according to the law of the manufacturer's recommendations in a timely manner replacement of wearing parts. 

stone powder grinding machine

All mining equipment has a strong lubrication system, lubricating oil can be regarded as the blood of the system, in the course of their work crusher,stone powder grinding machine, it should follow product instructions and timely replacement of oil and timely replacement lubricating oil can not only effectively reduce energy consumption, but also can be a good long life of the machine. 

Crusher,stone powder grinding machine and most of the mining machinery as are all steel, steel casting or welded together, it can be said mining equipment is very easy to rust, rusted serious direct impact on the life of the product, the equipment selection next time try to choose the production site dry and ventilated area, conditional, it is best to give the equipment to do a rain of measures.