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How to extend the life of stone powder grinding mill

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 Stone powder grinding mill equipment is relatively large equipment, the operation should pay attention to the process, maintenance work is to be done in place, raising the usual maintenance work from starting, so the life of stone powder grinding mill equipment to be able to be more prolonged, as stone powder grinding mill, micro-grinding, milling machinery Raymond milling machines and other organizational management and operations staff to do: pay attention to ensurestone powder grinding mill machinery to prevent mechanical damage during transport and storage process, deformation, corrosion etc; strict routine maintenance work milling machine, so milling machine in good technical condition; some preventive replacement of wearing parts such as; This article will introduce the following tips to extend the life of the stone powder grinding mill knowledge. 

stone powder grinding mill  machine

The process of stone powder grinding mill machine , there should be a fixed personnel, the operator must have a certain level of technology. Before installation of the stone powder grinding mill operator must carry out the necessary technical training, so that understanding of the principles mill performance, familiar rules. 

For Stone powder grinding mill machine to work, we should develop equipment "safe operation of equipment maintenance system" to ensure the long-term safe operation of the mill, and have the necessary inspection tools and grease and corresponding accessories. 

After the Stone powder grinding mill machine used for a period of time,we should be seized, while roller grinding ring blade replacement of wearing parts such as check processing, grinding roller device connected before and after the use of bolts and nuts should be carefully examined to see if there are loose phenomenon, whether to add a little grease. 

 Grinding roller device use time more than 500 hours or so to replace the roller, roll each rolling bearing kit must be cleaned, damaged parts should be replaced, fuel pumps and tools can be used to manually grease gun. 

 Fineness adjustment, depending on the size of materials, hardness, moisture content, different proportion of different fineness processing, adjustable top of the analyzer, high speed, fineness, low-speed, low-fineness. Improve fineness, production will be reduced accordingly, should also meet the requirements if the fan speed debugging, the user can be flexible. 

Ring roller mill scrap the limit, the remaining minimum wall thickness of not less than 10mm. 

When the parking, the first stop feeding, the host continues to run, so that the residual abrasive grinding continues, about a minute later, turn off the master motor and motor analyzer, stop grinding work, which then stops the fan motor, in order to purge the residual powder.

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