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Talc stone grinder mill-Uses and performance characteristics

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Talc powder uses

Uses: used in rubber, plastics, paints, and other chemical industries as strengthening modified filler. Features: increased stability of product lines like, increase tensile strength, shear strength, flexural strength, compressive strength, lower distortion, stretching, thermal expansion coefficient, high brightness, dispersion of uniform size and other characteristics. Talc also used in ceramic industry, food industry, cosmetic industry, etc., with a wide range of applications. Currently talc processing is mainly composed of talc via stone grinder mill,ultrafine grinding, machining into a fineness of 300mesh -3000 or higher fineness of the powder. 

Talc stone grinder mill equipment - talc stone grinding mill performance characteristics


Limited production of the machine Clirik stone grinder mill has the following significant advantages: 

First high efficiency 

Talc milling equipment - talc stone grinder mill fineness and under the same circumstances motor power than jet mill, mixing mill, ball mill high yields more than doubled. 

Second long life wearing parts 

Roller, grinding ring made ​​of special material forged, so that the degree of utilization is greatly improved. Materials and finished products in the same situation fineness than impact crusher and turbine crusher wear parts 2-5 times longer service life, usually up to one year, processing of calcium carbonate, calcite when, life of up to two -5 years. Pursuing a dream content management system 

Third high security and reliability 

Talc grinder mill - talc stone grinder mill cavity due to no bearing, no screws, bearings and seals so the problem does not exist vulnerability, screw loosening and destruction of the machine there is no problem. 

Fourth product fineness dedecms.com 

Talc stone grinder mill- talc disposable micro-grinding product fineness can reach D97≤5μm. Pursuing a dream content management system 

Fifth green, clean 

Talc grinder mill - talc grinding mill pulse dust collector to capture dust, using silencer to reduce noise, with environmental protection, clean.