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How to choose the stone powder making machine

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World ore range, rich in natural resources, the rapid rise in recent years, the mining industry, after the deep processing of various minerals are widely used in many fields, and also exported to various foreign raw ore. With the advancement of technology, the traditional ore milling equipment has failed to meet production needs, more advanced stone powder making machine for many ore processing enterprises to bring the convenience and benefits. Most of the country would prefer to use a large stone crushing plant stone powder making machine for machining operations. So how to choose the stone powder making machine model ? 
stone powder making machine
Stone powder making machine type selection and specification is determined, the main physical properties of the processed ore, the processing amount, the particle size of the crushed product, and equipment configuration and other factors. The choice of stone powder making machine equipment must meet the crushed product size, design capacity and adapt to the largest ore mining blocks, generally not more than the crusher to the mine mouth width of 0.8 to 0.85 times; medium and fine crushing machine is not greater than 0.85 to 0.9 times . Impact of stone powder making machine selection of the most important factors is the nature of the material, especially its Refuse amount and chemical properties. Refuse impact on the amount of material grading crusher is mainly reflected in the reducer life and the life of the tooth plate two. Refuse amount raised, the impact on the ability reducer and gear plate wear a higher requirement. To prolong the life of the tooth plate reducer life and generally will be designed to cast gear unit housing materials, will increase the carrying capacity of the gear tooth wear-resistant material selected alloy steel plate. General aggregates production process: After blasting rocks crushed after initial crushing jaw crusher, and then need to select the stone hardness and yield impact crusher or cone crusher for medium crushing, and finally through the shredder processed into standard sand and gravel particles. 
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