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Price of Stone Grinding Machine

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The Price of the Stone Grinding Mill

What is the price of the stone grinding mill? This answer may vary. Different configuration and different components have different price. For example, one kind of machine produced by a machinery company in China has the price of 98000 dollars, with ordinary accessories and plain configuration, like 15 kw motor power, low quality casting steel and so on. When the machine produced by Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. with higher motor power and high quality casting steel has the price of 50000 dollar. What’s more, the fineness is even higher than usual machine.
Every customer and client has his own preference and choice, some may be wise when others are not appropriate. This owes to the asymmetric information. When the customer knows little about the product and the industry information, he will not make the right choice and buy the incorrect stone grinding mill. 
price of stone grinding mill
Stone grinding mill is often used in the quarry and the quarry owner use it to generate the stone powder. Some quarry owner need stone powder with high fineness when others need the stone powder with low fineness. We have to mention that the stone powder need to be sold with high price have to choose the high fineness stone grinding machine. 
Nevertheless, the stone grinding mill still have different price in the same company. Some trading companies and agencies are still the price lifter. One stone grinding machine made by a company may be 60,000 dollars, while the trading company will usually charge the customer 100,000. This could be reasonable, that could be unreasonable,too. Because there is some cost when linking the customer and the factory together.