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The Fineness of the Stone Grinding Machines

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Generally, the fineness unit of the stone grinding machine is called mesh, which refers to the  maximum size and length of the granule or particle. In Tyler standard screen, a mesh is 2.54 cm (1 inch) the mesh number, length and mesh for short. So we know about the definition of the mesh. But why we to explain specific powder grinder to grind out why so coarse? 
The author here has summarized a total of three reasons, first of all you should make sure you choose the wrong machines. The superfine grinding machine fineness is 325 mesh, if you want to reach 500 mesh, it is never even easy; Second may be the adjustment of the machine set is not proper, such as super fine grinding is probably 300 mesh to 3000 mesh In the process of work it needs to be set so we want to make sure that your machine set there has no problem; Finally is probably the worst situation, it is there is something wrong with your machine equipment, you need to contact the after-sales service personnel to consult for finding out the problem which can be solved soon.
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There is many causes to the problem of the machine. When you are not familiar the the problem, you’d better look for the after-sales service department of the stone grinding machine. Clirik has the most comprehensive after-service system, ensuring the normal production of the stone powder manufacturer, enabling them to complete their task on time in any condition within the specified capacity.