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which stone grinder mill is best to process 200 mesh calcium carbonate

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If you want to process about 200 mesh calcium carbonate powder can be very easy, currently on the market the majority of stone grinder mill can meet the needs of users, but if you just invest and build factories, no more funds to enable it, so raymond mill is the best option.
stone grinder mill
Raymond mill is more commonly used processing equipment calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate, the main users of processed meals, the fineness of the powder is 300 or less. This device compact models, simple structure, maintenance, inexpensive, very suitable for small and medium manufacturing enterprises to use powder.
At the same time I also produces ultrafine stone grinder mill processing equipment, which is ultra fine powder grinding mill, this device is different from Raymond, product fineness can be increased to 300-3000 mesh, higher demand for calcium carbonate production and processing enterprises .
No matter what kind of equipment, if you purchased astone grinder mill, we have professional engineers and technical guidance to track the entire process of installation guide users into production so far, but we are also responsible for equipment troubleshooting, user technical problems can always call our grinder mill plant phone, we will repair the first time to ensure that users production schedule.