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Clirik rings in opportunity in three industries

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Chinese economy’s high speed developing bring out all industries’ blossom. As high new technology, Clirik’s stone grinding plant is widely used in the industries of mining, chemical, construction, medical and so on. Recently, Clirik attained a great developing in three industries.

In industrial producing industsry

After the non-metal mineral, hard stone, organics was crushed to be powder, their application was expended. Micro powder is not only an well filling material, but also material that can improve the Intensity, elasticity, abrasive resistance of products and greatly reduce the cost of enterprise.

In construction industry

It’s thousands years of history that clay was made in porcelain. Clay is a construction material with high quality. Clirik’s stone grinding plant turns clay into clay differential, which greatly improve the clay’s quality of freeze-thaw resistance, light pollution resistance. Therefore, it is widely used in modern’s construction, and be one of the necessary material.

In waste recycling industry

As we all knew, there are plenty of waste discharged, such as, coal ash, steel slag, grain slag. If these are directly discharged or heaped up, it could not only make environment polluting, but also cover land. Clirik’s stone grinding plant could make these waste recycle, and be crushed to powder. These powder could be regarded as filling material in beton.

Pro Hu rongze-the present of China's powder industry association pointed that the powder industry will become an important role in national economy due to its universality, frontier, practical applicability. As “micro powder’s expert”, Clirik must grasps the opportunity, and leads the Chinese stone grinding plant to be glory.