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Diatomite stone grinding mill manufacture

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 Diatomite is a siliceous rocks, mainly in China,Denmark, France, Romania and other countries.It is a biogenic siliceous sedimentary rock, which is mainly from the ancient remains of diatoms composed of mineral composition of opal and its variants. Our diatomite reserves of 320 million tons and prospective reserves of 20 billion tons, mainly in the East and the Northeast, where a larger scale, there is more work to do, Jilin, Zhejiang, Yunnan, Shandong, Sichuan and other provinces, although widely distributed, but focus only on soil quality in Jilin Changbai Mountain area, other deposits in the majority of 3 to 4 soil level, due to the high impurity content, not deep processing directly.


Diatomite ultrafine grinding mill is urrently on the market diatomite powder processing equipment, while the device can also be used in a variety of hardness of calcite, barite, calcium carbonate, dolomite less than 6 degrees below ultra-fine powders stone operation, fineness can head up to 3000, but can be freely adjusted between 325-3000mesh, the device is simple, low noise, and it is equipped with pulse filter effectively prevent contamination, the equipment more environmentally friendly. the latest type of high pressure medium speed mill is in production and fineness have reached the first domestic and international leading position.


As a large-scale industrial production of grinding milling equipment research and development, production and sales of the joint-stock enterprises, Shanghai Clirik grinding mill produced a single product from imitation development has now become a developed hundreds of products. Products include micro-grinding mill, Ultrafine powder mill, high pressure hanging roller mill, ultrafine mill powerful, HAM ring centrifugal mill, Ultrafine powder mill, as well as dust, fan centralized control and other electronic equipment. To meet user processing different rock requires fineness, yield, and use different technical requirements, in line with local conditions, to optimize the investment scale to invest in order to obtain best value for money for the purpose of industrial mill production project , Dawn Heavy Industries may send the user site engineering and technical personnel to conduct site surveys, planning, design process, and is responsible for post-installation and maintenance services.


Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional high pressure grinding mill, ultrafine mill, micro-grinding mill and other equipment, drying equipment, gas furnace equipment, stone line equipment, production and processing, welcome to buy various milling equipment Shanghai Clirik welcome you to our company to consult the discussion.