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Clirik's trip On Tomb-sweeping Day

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In order to strengthen staff’s sense of team spirits, and show the humanized management of the company, Clirik organized a trip on Tomb sweeping Day to make staff relax themselves and enjoy nature.

On the morning of 4th April all the members gathered and took car to Province Jiangxi Mountain Sanqing. It took almost 8hours to be there. There were much people visiting Mountain Sanqing from all the world every year. We went to the waist of mountain by cable. From the waist of the mountain, staff began to climb toward the top of mountain. During this time, tourist guide told many stories about this mountain.
stone grinding plant

This trip did not only enrich staff’s life, but also increased company’s team spirit and made staff putting more passion to work in future. Clirik -as an expert in stone grinding plant-hoped that we would gain a great achievement in 2013 year.