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Why Does the Parts of Stone Grinder Mill Easy to Wear?

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stone grinder mill


stone grinder mill is a large model machine, in general, it is a common phenomenon that the parts of stone grinder mill easy to wear, is there any way to minimize the degree of stone grinder mill's wear parts, it is a important thing to find the reason of wear. Here Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co.,ltd will show you the reasons。

First, the technician operate the stone grinder mill strictly, routine maintenance seriously, both of them can decline the amount of the wear parts, prolong the life cycle of stone grinder mill, enhance the utilization of stone grinder mill, then its efficiency and economic benefits will be improved. the hardness and impurities of materials will cause a certain wear degree to stone grinder mill. If the hardness is too large, even if the stone grinder mill is made of steel, it will improve wear rate of stone grinder mill. If the material contains some impurities, it is difficult to grind, then it also increase wear rate, so the customers should be strictly refer to the instruction sheet, manipulate accurately.