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What stone powder grinder mill can process illite?

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Illite clay is a common mineral, it is clay minerals potassium silicate mica class.Illite is by muscovite and feldspar weathering made and produced in argillaceous rocks, or formed from other mineral alteration. And illite clay minerals formed in the middle of other transitional fossil. Illite clay pure white, generally contain impurities dyed yellow, green, brown and other colors. Underside cleavage completely. Holmes hardness of 1-2. Proportion of 2.6 to 2.9. Illite is our country, a new mineral. Illite with a potassium-rich, high-alumina, low iron and smooth, bright, delicate, heat and other excellent chemical and physical properties. Illite is intervening mineral mica and kaolinite and montmorillonite between illite can be formed, and the reason there are many, including the following four are the most important reasons:

1) decomposition of feldspar and mica weathering.
2) by potassium montmorillonite account.
3) hydrothermal alteration.
4) deposition of the colloid recrystallization. Widely developed in the weathering crust, soil and modern sediments, also produced in other sedimentary rocks and limestone.
Illite stone grinder mill can be used as a ceramic material, rubber seals, plastic packaging, agriculture, fillers and other purposes. Fineness illite is often used for 250-2500 mesh fineness. It is widely used in building materials, chemicals, ceramics, and environmental protection industries.
In fact, the process is very simple, first of all,Make ore crushing, screening and crushing to the appropriate level of impurities, and then began grinding, grinding fineness began packing process, the whole process is simple and safe. A complete package of equipment configuration includes crusher, elevator, mill hosts, muffler, analysis, powder collector, the device is equipped with a large dust collector equipment, dust fully meet the national environmental standards, does not cause any pollution to the environment, Shanghai Clirik stone powder machine milling machine is a professional production equipment manufacturers, interested, please call us!