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How to Choose the Stone Grinding Mill Foundation?

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In the purchase of the stone grinding mill, it is difficult to buy the most suitable model of stone grinding mill, then the stone grinding mill manufacturer's recommendation, combined with their own production needs, stone grinding mill model selection is no longer problems. After the purchase of good stone grinding mill, the problem again, How to choose the stone grinding mill foundation?
First, in order to obtain substantial benefits, the election of mineral resource is very important to be processed, the user can do to market demands a detailed understanding of what the material is now clear market need. Also selected areas, try to choose those rich in natural resources, convenient mining area, which not only saves investment, but also to earn more lucrative benefits.
For stone grinding milling machine production base is concerned, is a very important question, because it relates to the milling machine can normally smooth operations, if the foundation is not strong, then it is easy to sink, but the stone grinding mill is relatively common ground subsidence. The problem, when you install the stone grinding mill, it is located next to the monitor on the basis of the settlement points, observations, if found to have a sinking foundation, instantly adjust. Adjustment should be kept clean gear motor, to adjust, tighten loose parts, to prevent loose parts or lead to increased wear and tear parts missing.
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