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2500 mesh limestone grinding mill price

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Introduction to Limestone

Limestone is an organic compound containing calcium carbonate. Its physical and chemical properties are colorless, odorless, not easily soluble in water, its texture is compact, it is not easy to erode, its plasticity and water retention are high, and limestone after processing has higher The use value and economic value can be widely used in construction, building materials, chemical industry, highway and other industries.
Ultra fine vertical roller mill
Feed size: ≤15-≤25mm
Processing capacity: 4-52t
Model: CLUM
Application range: Mainly used in non-metallic materials with humidity of ≤6%, mining, construction, building materials and other industries.
Performance advantages: unique and unique structure, stable rotation, reliable operation, high operating efficiency, and consumable parts are cast from high-quality high-manganese steel. Its performance is good, the failure rate is low, the service life is long, and the process is more precise and precise. Better guarantee the durability of the equipment.

What is the price of 2500 mesh limestone grinding mill?

The price of the 2500 mesh limestone grinding mill is mainly analyzed from the equipment's own attributes. First of all, the type of the equipment, the 2500 mesh limestone grinding mill has more types and models, and the different models have different adjustment fineness. It will be very different. In addition to the fineness requirements and the output requirements of general users when purchasing equipment, the output of different models of 2500 mesh limestone grinding mills is certainly different. Users are advised to select a suitable model of equipment in combination with their actual production conditions when purchasing equipment, which can effectively increase the value of the equipment.
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