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What factors determine the stone powder machine production

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In the mining machinery mechanism mill powder material when production will be affected by many factors, mainly due to product size, hardness of materials, humidity of materials, material composition, viscosity, equipment efficiency initiative measures supporting materials, etc. Influencing Factors. After the factors influencing our understanding, Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., according to the actual situation, the factors affecting the adjustment to do something, try to avoid, if it is not adjusted, the inevitable will try to find ways to adapt to this situation.
First, the impact of product size. Stone powder machine fineness after milling material, fineness demanding, which requires Stone powder machine milling out the finer material. Fineness customers have high demands on the material, you can purchase other equipment according to their production capacity and economic strength. Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co. Mill finished a wide particle size range, the smallest particle size up to 2500 entries.
Followed by milling the material hardness. Harder materials Stone powder machine milling up more problems, and more severe wear and tear on equipment. Stone powder machine milling slower, of course, Raymond mill capacity is small .Shanghai Clirik engineer advises clients in their daily use of the device should be strictly in accordance with the Stone powder machine instructions to use, try not to let the mill equipment Overload super power range to go to work.
Third, humidity milling material. That material containing large water, materials easily is stuck in the Stone powder machine, but also easy to jam during the next conveyor, in the case of equal wind qualified materials not easily separated, resulting in lower Stone powder machine milling capacity.
The fourth sector is composed of milling material. Stone powder machine powder material in front of more powder containing more influence Raymond mill, due to the adherence of the powder easily transported. For more fines content should advance once sieve. In this case, we recommend that customers prior to the milling process first with a shaker of materials screening.
The fifth is the adhesion of the milling material. That is the viscosity of the material, the more easily adhesion. The greater the viscosity resulting in Stone powder machine production smaller, but still easily affect Stone powder machine's life, so please press milling machine instructions.
Sixth is the equipment. This is the most important factor, Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., there are many tpes of Stone powder machine, production of from 0.5 to 30t/h. In short, the factors affecting the Stone powder machine production are many. if you want to know more about clirik stone powder machine, you can come visit our grinding mill plant!