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Clirik welcome Greek customers to visit our stone powder machine

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May 13, 2015 morning, the Greek customers to our stone powder machine factory to inspect, in our technical staff hospitality customers a line of Greek and an interpreter who together visited our stone powder machine production workshop. During the visit, our technical personnel detailed to the Greek customers about our company carbon black micro-grinding mill works, customers late dust black stone powder machine processing to give full attention to the assistance of our technical staff together test the effectiveness of the work of our removal equipment, has won unanimous recognition.
stone powder machine
Greece clients to visit black micro-grinding equipment
Afternoon,our company marketing staff to show customers our company's black stone powder machine some customers live case, and through videos, pictures and other media, to allow customers to fully understand the stone powder machine equipment and enterprise development direction of our company. Finally, the sales have demonstrated our service team spirit and service in recent years, our company has made great achievements.
Through this visit, the Greek customers for our company's micro-grinding mill product is very interested, and said it will vigorously promote our stone powder machine equipment. And happily signed a purchase contract!