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The importance of the Stone powder machine main parts

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Stone powder machine in mining industry, the high frequency of use, so each user wants to use their own devices for a long time, so you can save a lot of manpower and financial resources, to give a business a great deal of interest.
Stone powder machine's main parts are grinding rolls, grinding rings, bearings. Everyone should know the importance of fine grinding machine parts, roller is a core component stone powder machine work, fine grinding machine milling quality of materials has an important impact. Strengthening fine grinding machine grinding rolls have four, vertical fine grinding machine grinding rolls have three, while the number of powder mill grinding roller mill according to the different capacity and models are 21,24,36 and 44 respectively, Roller is layered, the material can be fully grinding level.
Shanghai Clirik selection production of silico-manganese steel roller with special spring steel forging from the system, greatly improved durability, materials and finished products in the grinding fineness of the same fly, the ratio of impact crusher and long service life of wearing parts 2 to 3 times, when grinding calcium carbonate and calcite, the life of up to 2 to 5 years.
Grinding ring is in stone powder machine with roller cooperating parts,it is also an important part stone powder machine working properly, it will also affect the quality of the finished product. The material is in the stone powder machine grinding ring raceway is ground roll mill grinding, grinding ring is also a stone powder machine consumables.
Stone powder machine bearings contemporary mill machinery indispensable part, whether Raymond mill, high pressure mill, or ultra-fine grinding mill Forced main components are indispensable.
So usually when we working , to regularly check the wear of these parts and fasteners and consumables usage status of stone powder machine, is loose and wear, the joint surface for leaks, oil spills. If the above situation should be promptly repaired. stone powder machine all lubricant release all equipment should be put into operation in a month, and then thoroughly cleaned, replaced with new oil. Liner bolts prone newly installed loose bolt in use for some time, will need to be checked regularly basis.