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How to solve the stone grinding mill environmental issues

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Stone grinding mill environmental problem is dust and noise pollution problems during wet grinding water.
Stone grinding mill
Dust problems in dry ultrafine stone grinding mill, and more or less dust problems, feeding port, discharge port and fan seal, since the fine powder particle size, easy to fly from sealing a bad place. The solution is to maximize the use of negative pressure system, the use of a good sealing fine grinding equipment and grading equipment, if necessary crushing plant installed dust removal systems to ensure clean workshop production, which for pigments, dyes, fiber powders and toxic Powder is extremely important.
Stone grinding mill equipment, have certain vibration and noise, particularly for a vibration mill, a ball mill, the noise up to 120dB, specifically set up when necessary quarantine or isolation tank room, isolation grinding equipment. Now we developed a number of low-noise stone grinding mill equipment. But the harsh stone grinding mill environment, different industry requirements are not the same, in the mining, refractories, coal industry and other industries, conditions are relatively poor, and in the pharmaceutical, food and other industries need to be clean. In any case, reduce noise imperative.
Wet stone grinding mill, whatever the process, especially fine ceramics, powder metallurgy, inorganic non-metallic materials and other industries, the application of water, oil or alcohol can be recycled. This requires dehydration (or oil) after a water or oil to be filtered, to ensure that no contaminated materials in case you can cycle applications.
Stone grinding mill is one of the many industrial unit operations, environmental issues should be considered in the specific conditions in.
Shanghai Clirik grinding mill plant produce different grinding mill machine for mining industry, Safe and friendly environmentally stone grinding mill to meet the requirements of different industries.