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How to reduce Stone grinding mill noise

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Now a wide variety of stone grinding mill, a large stone grinding mill increasingly popular, not only because of its high production efficiency, especially for large stone grinding mill for applicability of ore is the primary reason favored by customers. Therefore stone grinding mill manufacturer also increased investment in large-scale stone grinding mill production to meet market demand for large stone grinding mill. Although large stone grinding mill has many advantages, but it is worth attention it is that a large mill in the production process of the staff to be extra careful noise abatement.
First,let's look at the big reason for the large milling machine noise. stone grinding mill fan is easy to shake, shake fans there are two main reasons, one is foot loose bolt, by the vision to see, you can tighten the bolt; the other is to have some dust on the blades, or uneven wear, resulting in an imbalance driven blades rotating fan vibration, this can remove dust or replace the blades. There is a host of large milling machine vibration, then it should press the exclusion troubleshooting. First look at the anchor bolts, tighten the bolts; Second, we must check the feed rate is not too small and the feed size, timely adjustment; again to see the degree of wear of the blade, blade wear can lead to serious material production can not afford; and finally Check the large mill grinding roller mill ring is not deformed, in this order check stone grinding mill noise is too large, safe operation must be in operation, to guard against accidents.