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How to Do the Maintenance Work for Stone Mill in Winter

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As we all know, the maintenance work of the stone mill is a difficult work when we using the stone mill. And winter is the coldest season in the year. So the winter maintenance of the stone mill is become the key of controlling the price of a stone mill. Surely, the price we are talking about, is not the price of the purchase price. This price is meaning the stone mill value that can throughout the entire production process. Clirik will teach you some methods to maintain our stone mill, in winter.

There must have some friends want to know, why we should maintain the stone mill when the weather turns cold? Because, the weather will get more rain and snow in winter, if it is an ordinary grinding equipment maybe it would be closed down in the winter. Because of there is water covering the stone. It is easy to stick after crush, affect the finished level, and will also cause mechanical blockage. So, for the stone mill, the bearing and lubrication system is particularly critical.

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However, there are a variety of lubricating oil in the market, but at the same temperature, their status is different, so we have to pay attention to choose the right lubricant oil rather than static throughout the year. So choose one suitable lubricant oil for the stone mill is very important.

If the stone mill users want to control the price at a minimum level, they must pay more attention to the daily maintenance work of the machine. And if you want to enhance the service life of a stone mill, you have to do a good maintenance work for your grinding mill.