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The good ways to extend the service life of stone powder making machine

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 Stone powder making machine is a common machine in powder-making equipment, convenient operation and high efficiency. It is used in stone material processing and widely for grinding kaolin, barite, limestone, dolomite, talc, fluorite, gypsum and so on. Wearing parts are consumed by different hardness minerals in the processing.

Stone powder making machine

Stone powder making machine’s wearing parts is consumed by different hardness minerals.Wearing parts of stone powder making machine is included roller. Spade, grinding ring and bearing. Normally these wearing parts using life over a half year, but sometimes people processing high hardness material such as corundum. Stone powder making machine’s wearing parts replacement cycle will increase.

Roller, grinding ring, bearing and blade need to turn constantly, friction between moving parts and materials has produced powder. When the bearings work in high-speed rotation, it can reasonably consume wearing parts.

Stone powder making machine’s wearing parts consumption is unavoidable, because of its working principle.But we can reduce abrasion.Stone powder making machine needs to maintenance regularly, check every wearing parts carefully, and do the record for easy wear parts.Clearly the different capacities ‘ wearing part consumption and change it in time. It can make stone powder making machine wear part extension.

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