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What are the requirements for the stone grinding mill to processing 2500 mesh limestone?

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The stone grinding mill is used to make limestone, which is a perfect match. Stone grinding mill production line for processing limestone mainly consist of hammer crusher, bucket elevator, storage hopper, vibrating feeder, main unit, classifier, powder collector, dust cleaner, blower, muffler, electric control system, etc. 

Large pieces of limestone are broken by hammer crusher into the suitable material granularity for the work of the stone grinding mill. Then  the speed of the machine is adjusted to meet the fineness of production requirements, The site can also be selectively equipped with other auxiliary equipment according to customer requirements. 
stone grinding mill
And what requirements for stone grinding mill to processing 2500 mesh limestone? There are three as below:
1.Adjust the speed of the mill. The powder fineness of stone grinding mill mainly controlled by classifier, we adjust the density of the blade According to the desired fineness requirement before the mill runs, so we can get the qualified product fineness. But if the fineness of the finished product is misaligned in the running, the user can adjust the speed of the mill to achieve fine adjustment. The faster the speed, the finer the powder, and the slower the speed, the greater the fineness of the product. Users can adjust according to the actual requirements of the limestone grinding mill. 
2.Grinding roller and grinding ring clearance. The stone grinding mill powder manufactuing achieved by ground up between grinding roller and grinding ring. The clearance between them is the fineness of the material that can be ground up. So we can adjust the distance bewteen grinding roller and grinding ring to change the fineness of discharge by controlling the roller size. 
3.Fan wind volume and wind speed. Users of stone grinding mill know that the fan wind volume and wind speed can directly affect the fineness of the product, because the powder in the mill system is carried and collected achieved by the wind turine, the larger the wind, the greater the wind speed, the coarse-grained powder is blown away before it can be picked, making the product more fine-grained. So users should reasonable control the Fan wind volume and wind speed of the stone grinding mill to acquire the best fineness and yield!