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The carbon black grinding machine use the clirik stone grinding machine

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 May 30th is the traditional Chinese festival of the Dragon Boat Festival, all staff of Clirik wish you a happy holiday and a happy family. 

People who know about carbon black know that, carbon black is a black powder material, The product of total combustion or pyrolysis under strict conditions, it is an indispensable raw material for industrial chemicals. It is used mainly as a reinforcing agent and filler for rubber, and also used as ink,  paint and plastic stain, and plastic products block the paste of ultraviolet light. In the meantime, it is also an important additive in electrodes, dry cells, resistors, explosives, cosmetics, and polished compounds. 

The carbon black has such an important use, and the carbon black manufacturing equipment will will also be popular, the stone grinding machine made by Shanghai clirik machinery CO.,LTD suitable for the processing of carbon black grinding. The stone grinding machine equipment is suitable for superfine powder processing, widely used in processing, low hardness, and mohs hardness at level 6 non-flammable easily explosive material, such as calcite, chalk, limestone, dolomite, carbon black, kaolinite, bentonite, talc, mica and various materials, of course, the output size can be adjusted by yourself. 


stone grinding machine


Superfine stone grinding machine have their own unique advantages in processing of carbon black grinding: 

1.The roller ring uses special materials which greatly extend its service life; 

2.The output size is small, compared to the other steel mill carbon black grinding machine, which can reach over D97 < 5um;