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After the sale of guaranteed stone grinding mill manufacturers

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 Purchase the mill not only to pay attention to the quality of equipment performance and price, there is one of the most important is the equipment after-sales service,some businesses just sell things to customers, when the problem was found,manufacturer does not care,not to mention what after-sales service. There is such a phenomenon occurred in the stone grinding mill industry.Merchants had promised users regardless of what problems will be free on-site service, but when the real problem, the original promise to vanish.

A few days ago ,there is a user call us CLIRIK MACHINERY that let us help him to repair what they just bought back the stone grinding mill , the customer bought a stone grinding mill in a factory, the use of less than three months,began to appear some problems,the beginning is a small problem, the customer is considering to buy a new machine, considering their is not very understanding of the stone grinding mill,not blindly repair, so the first do equipment maintenance and maintenance work.This period has been to contact with the manufacturers to arrange a technical staff over repair,but when the manufacturers listened to the customer's description, said that as long as the normal production, no big problem, until there is a big problem, and then a repair.

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After listening to this description, we CLIRIK's staff is also very surprised, the user eventually did not wait until the manufacturers arrange the technical staff,the manufacturer's response is always the technical staff busy, or the stone grinding mill problem is caused by user improper operation. Finally the user had to ask for the CLIRIK MACHINERY help repair. No matter who helped the user to repair the stone grinding mill, during the machine failed period, the reduction of production makes users to lose a lot.

So SHANGHAI CLIRIK MACHINERY remind the majority of users in the purchase of stone grinding mill must understand what manufacturers have after-sales service, how long to arrivals the customer site, etc., and these are generally written in the contract clearly, do not be unscrupulous businesses cheated.