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How does a stone powder machine reduce the loss of wearing parts?

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stone powder machine is mainly used for a variety of non-metallic mineral raw materials such as loose iron ore, sandstone, gypsum, and other ore superfine, which is relatively deep for parts wear,how to protect the stone powder machine wearing parts,the entire process of grinding equipment to reduce the loss of low?

Stone powder machine model matches the ore material particle size
High-performance grinding mill is more stringent for the ore feeds particle size requirements.

Do the lubrication work of the stone powder machine
For the equipment, the regular lubrication work is an important step to the maintenance equipment. If the equipment is not timely maintenance, wear parts will be more and more serious wear and tear.Therefore, after the equipment has been used for some time, be sure to check out the wear and add the appropriate lubricant to your actual needs.

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Timely tightening of the stone powder machine parts screw
Many of the components of the stone powder machine are fixed by screws, and the equipment is often more intense when the work of the movement,after a long time, these screws are easy to loose, so that the equipment in the course of the work of abnormal ringing.Once the stone powder machine appears abnormal circumstances, it is necessary to shut down in time, and check whether the screws appear loose, if it is necessary to tighten in time.

CLIRIK stone powder machine with high efficiency, low energy consumption, small footprint, environmental pollution and other advantages. Suitable for processing Mohs hardness of 6 below the humidity of 6% in the following non-flammable and explosive minerals, such as gypsum, talc, calcite, limestone, marble, potassium feldspar, barite, dolomite and other materials processing. Which is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, mines and other fields within the mineral products in the grinding process.

In the choice of stone powder machine, the better choice of large-scale good factory equipment, and more collection of ore mill production plant’s information, for the cost and loss to a lower.If you are interested in our stone powder machine, please leave your mailbox, our technical staff will contact you as soon as possible, thank you!