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How to better maintenance stone grinding machine?

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Stone grinding machine is specialized for the processing of ore or stone materials, massive materials processing ground to powder, and then used in many industries. To select stone grinding machine is not only matter the stone grinding machine industry, is more in terms of the purchasers, Shanghai CLIRIK machinery Co., Ltd. is the manufacturers which specialized in producing stone grinding machine, stone grinding machine professional for Mohs hardness 7 level non-flammable and explosive brittle materials superfine powder processing, there are a variety of models about our stone grinding machine including HGM80, HGM90 HGM100 HGM100A and HGM125.
The maintenance of stone grinding machine are as follows:
First, stone grinding machine cleaning.
Cleaning construction machinery diesel engine, the chassis, the appearance of the device can play the role of descaling decontamination. Non-use high-pressure high-temperature water gun wash the parts with high water requirements, especially electrical parts, in order to avoid damage.
Second, the selection and replacement of oil.
1, the selection of fuel oil.
The general selection principles: the pour point of diesel mixed than the environment around 5 lower. The winter choose diesel grades: -10 # -20 # -35 #, and so on.
2,the replacement of diesel engine oil.
The diesel engine should be used in the a small cryogenic engine oil viscosity. Optional viscosity grade SAE5W-40 or SAE10W-40 multi-grade oil. Change the oil at the same time, the oil filter should be replaced or cleaned.