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The pollution by stone grinding plant in product line

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With the fundament construction greatly developing in modern society, the demand for all kinds of resources is increasing, especially for building stone. When stone grinding plant is processing mining resources, it must be produce lots of dust. It is harmful for environment and health. So the user must handle well with the plenty of dust in product line. We can take measure to reduce these pollution produced by stone grinding plant in product line as following:

1. Belt conveyor corner of dust is under constraint condition on site, and the chute and the dust hood can not change.

2. Strengthen the management of pulse bag filter equipment. Regularly check the sealing condition of pulse bag filter. Find question and solve it in time.

3. Pulse bag filter , designed by us on the basis of intrdocuing many advantages of the same products, adopts advanced pulse blow technology, which enables the machine completely clearly the dust, low resistance. The qualified spare parts unsure the high-efficiency of bag filter. It also have advantages of full automation, high-efficiency, easy maintenance.

Through being advanced, pollution by crusher is relatively reduced. Besides, the daily maintain for stone grinding plant is also important.