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300 Mesh 5 T/H Limestone Grinding Machine Price

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Limestone has a variety of color changes and is generally not hard. It is a carbonate rock with calcite as the main component. There are many ways to use it in industry. It can be directly used for production, or it can be further processed to transform it into a higher value material-limestone powder, which is used in chemical, light industry, agriculture and other sectors. Focus on explaining the deep processing technology of limestone-limestone grinding machine.

limestone powder grinding mill machine

Limestone powder use

In the development of limestone, common uses are the production of cement and burning lime in the field of building materials; flux in the metallurgical industry; and when it plays a role in industries such as chemistry, food, agriculture, plastics, coatings, paper, rubber, and environmental protection, It needs to be in powder form. In order to obtain powdered limestone, it is necessary to grind the massive limestone, that is, the production of limestone powder. So what equipment is needed for the completion of this process?

Limestone powder mill processing flow

The limestone grinding process includes four parts: feeding, crushing, grinding, and grading. The corresponding mining equipment should also be configured. The detailed operation process is: the vibrating feeder automatically and uniformly sends large pieces of limestone materials. Into the cavity of the jaw crusher;

Then the jaw crusher crushes the received materials, and after a period of time, crushes to a certain size;

Then the crushed limestone fragments are sent to the grinding chamber of the main mill of the mill by a hoist, and the mill is used to grind them;

The ground powder is taken away by the airflow of the fan, and classified by the analyzer. The powder that meets the fineness enters the cyclone collector with the airflow, is separated and collected, and is discharged through the powder outlet pipe to become the finished powder.

Limestone mill price

Throughout the limestone grinding process, it can be seen that the powder extraction and grinding production are mainly controlled by the Raymond mill. Then, how to choose a grinding machine in the face of the production requirement of 300 mesh powder and 5 tons per hour? What is the price?

Looking at these two milling requirements comprehensively, the production requirements are not high, which are also two important aspects of milling machine parameters and performance. Manufacturers can give some pointers based on the existing milling machine models.

First of all, in terms of milling fineness, all types of milling equipment on the market can reach: Raymond mills, high-strength mills, high-pressure mills, ultra-fine mills, and combined with milling output. , YGM9517, YGM7815, 6R4525, 5R4119, 4R3216 Raymond powder machine can reach. Although these types of limestone can be ground to 300 mesh fineness and have an output of 5 tons per hour, there are still slight gaps in other configurations. Users will slowly find out in the later production, and the quotations of the equipment will also be different. .