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The adjustment of the roller affects the stone powder machine’s powder rate

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Industrial milling machine to expand the scope of application, making the manufacturers of stone powder machine quality requirements are getting higher and higher, between the various parts of the grinding mill need to closely cooperate,especially the roller, roller directly contact with the stone, The degree of wear will be more deep, so not only to use a better wear resistance of the material, but also pay attention to protect the replacement of vulnerable parts.

On the one hand, if the stone powder machine grinding roller is not worn, it may not take long. It is bound to affect the normal work of the equipment. Therefore, the roller in the use of grinding stone machine plays a very important role, so be sure to use a good wear resistance materials, usually use high manganese steel this high wear resistance of the material,making the roller life time of up to 500 hours, thus improving the ability of the equipment work.

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On the other hand, pay attention to the roller after the installation of the stone powder machine after the inspection, carefully check before use, remove the security risks and possible failures, check the machine board exposed to the surface of the dirt,pay attention to the polished dusting problem:grinding roller will produce a lot of sand dust and fine iron filings, should take timely and practical measures to be eliminated, but also pay attention to roller roll surface, roller surface roughness of the quality of the powder product quality , The rate of powder have a direct relationship.stone powder machine is composed of multiple components, roller is one of the parts, roller role can not be underestimated in the course of the use,each component has played a very big role, so in order to ensure that the stone powder machine normal run, , in the purchase will check the quality of a good roller to prevent damage to the equipment prematurely.

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