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Three causes of Stone powder making machine powder clogging

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The Stone powder making machine is a grinding machine that processes a wide variety of ore. The Stone powder making machine's complete set of equipment includes many different accessories, each of which is indispensable, including a primary crusher, a mill, hoist, and a powder collector. , screw conveyors, dust collectors, mufflers, etc., the operation flow of the entire equipment is very simple, and it is also very convenient to use.

However, in the process of using the Stone powder making machine, the clogging of the fan pipe is a big problem. How can we deal with the blockage of the fan pipe? The following detailed explanation about how to operate can avoid the problem of blocked fan ducts.

The first, because the feed is very fast, or the feed is not uniform, the material is blocked. When feeding, if you hear the sound of the machine is relatively quiet, it means normal. If the sound is suddenly large or small, it is not normal.

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Second, it is the discharging outlet of the powder collector that discharges more closely. If the discharge valve leaks during work, it will cause the already-separated material to be re-rolled into the powder selector. This will not only cause clogging but also reduce the production volume.

Third, if the dust collector cannot operate normally, it will also cause the clogging of the Stone powder making machine. The dust remover is mainly used to increase the air volume and remove the dust particles in the air flow. When the dust remover cannot perform normal operations, a large amount of dust particles can easily form accumulation. So as to cause clogging of the Stone powder making machine's circulating air duct.

We understand the reasons for the blockage of the wind turbine. If it is reasonably excluded, the Stone powder making machine can be applied more smoothly. If you have other reasons that cause the output of the Stone powder making machine to be low, you haven’t found the cause yet and you can send the specific problem you encountered.Please leave a message on our website. Our technical engineers will send you a solution for free!