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Does your Stone powder machine have an overheating problem?

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What are the potential reasons that cause the overheating problem of Stone powder machine? Generally speaking, there can be several possible causes. The electric motor and blower heating, excessive temperature of bearings are the most common types of problems.

And the key to solve the problem is to find out what the problem is.
Here are some tips can be used for reference.
Make sure that the pipe of your extension machine flows regularly. And the machine oil used fits well for the equipment.

Check if the bearing parts for stuffing input of the roller has been refueled and cleaned regularly. Do not forget to replace the oil seals in time.

Another significant point is that the temperature indoor should be under control, so that the Stone powder machine’s bearing will not be in a high temperature. But if this already happens, remember to take the bearing housing apart and clean it carefully.

Stone powder machine


And as we mentioned before, the heating of blower is a common problem. This maybe is resulted from an unconscious movement of the machine. Thus, changing the blower air pressure and overheating the electric motor.

The most fundamental point is that the Stone powder machine itself is in good quality.