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How to save power consumption of stone powder machine?

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First, keep the correct opening, shutdown speed, do not switch on and off frequently, the fewer the number of switching machines, the less power consumption-efficient.

Second, avoid running empty. When the engine is idling, the power is also consumed.

Third, be careful not to let the stone powder machine work under overload conditions. Develop a good habit of timely maintenance and inspection, find problems in a timely manner, do not let the Stone powder machine continue to work under the circumstance.

Fourth, it is necessary to check whether the stone powder machine has oil exposure, and also to ensure that the quality of the Stone powder machine lubricant used by the company is qualified. Using good engine oil is also possible to save power consumption.

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Stone powder machine experts pointed out that it is not easy to do the maintenance of the Stone powder machine, so pay attention to the daily maintenance of the machine. In addition, it is very important to develop a good habit of Stone powder machine operation, avoiding the unexpected effect of saving fuel due to your bad habits and reducing unnecessary weight-bearing work.

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