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Select the blind zone of the Stone grinder mill

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Today, as the mining industry chain continues to grow and develop, many emerging domain sectors are constantly involved in the production of powder products. How to choose a suitable stone grinder mill in a rich and diverse market has become a problem for customers.



stone grinder mill

Shanghai clirik company has been continuously researching, developing, producing and selling for several years, and has accumulated experience to meet the needs of customers and provide quality service. Since the customer wants to choose the stone grinder mill, it should be clear about the hardness, humidity and performance of the material to be processed.Many materials cannot be processed by stone mills. For example, corundum, chrome, tungsten steel, etc., these materials have a high Mohs hardness, and little powder processing equipment can process them. There are also some materials that are sticky when exposed to heat, such as resin, etc., which cannot be processed.

The national policy for the market for powder products is very open, but in the mining of raw materials, if unchecked, it will result in waste of resources. In the case of materials that strictly control the mining progress of the country, customers should conduct reasonable analysis and inspection according to their own raw material supply, output, and the market of processed products. Choosing the right model of the stone grinder mill will benefit the enterprise and income.