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Ardealite stone grinding plant

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Ardealite is an solid waste when dealing with phosphorite by using sulfuric acid. The emission load of Ardealite has been to 50 million ton in China. However,it’s difficult to comprehensive make use of Ardealite.

The application of Ardealite is to be a retarder in building material and cement. Meanwhile, because of the low use radio, many companies always pile up outdoor, which made serious pollution for environment. And the government made a relative rule about Ardealite and hoped to effectively solve it. Clirik used stone grinding plant to process Ardealite. We found that it hardness of Ardealite is not so high.

The ardealite powder can not only be used in building material and cement retarder, but also in acid and alkali of soil to improve the capacity of earth and make it be up to planting demand. Clirik’s Ardealite stone grinding plant has been used in Gansu province. After one month’s using,they said that the stone grinding plant has high capacity and fine powder. If you're interested in our products, please contact us.