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Calcium Carbonate Powder Use Range

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As we all know, the calcium carbonate is one of nature minerials, it can be widely used in many areas, such as: construction, chemicals, paper making, coating, food and so on. However, the different fineness calcium carbonate powder have different use, do you know that? I will tell you now.

200 mesh calcium carbonate powder can be used as feed supplement;

250 mesh to 300 mesh can be applied in plastic factory, rubber factory, coating factory and waterproof materials factory;

350 mesh to 400 mesh calcium carbonate powder can be used to make pinch plate, channel and chemicals;

400 to 600 mesh calcium carbonate powder can be used as toothpaste pasty fluid, soap;

800 mesh can be used in rubber, plastic, cable;

1250 mesh calcium carbonate powder can be applied in PVC, PE, painting and coating, which has high purity, high whiteness, non-poisonous, odourless and low hardness.

Clirik calcium carbonate grinding mill can be used in 300-2500 mesh calcium carbonate powder grinding, and as a common stone powder grinding mill it has lots of advantages, such as: it has high fineness, high output, low consumption and low investment cost. Its system is complete, can realize micro powder crushing and classifying two procedures. The product fineness is adjustable from 400 to 2500 mesh, producing different fineness product can better suit market demand and increase competition. It can produce powder in an environmental friendly way. Besides, its installation can be convenient.

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