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Dolomite Powder Processing Machines, Dolomite Grinding Mill

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Dolomite grinding mill, there are many kinds of models, each of the different types of production, according to the type of material processed to distinguish, for the majority of customers can choose friends, under normal circumstances, if the particle size below 80-325 mesh,We will use Raymond mill for processing, because the powder below 400 mesh grinding, the fineness of the finished product is less demanding, the general coarse powder processing plant can use my company's 5R4121 this model; If the processing of more than 800 mesh powder, the choice is to use micro powder grinding mill or vertical roller mill, this type of equipment’ sales is quite possible on the market.My company launched the ultra fine grinding mill grinding particle size can be arbitrarily adjusted between 300-2500 mesh.

When processing dolomite, want finer granularity, how do we choose equipment?After the dolomite ore is mined, the large white cloud ore is crushed by the jaw crusher, and subsequently the iron ore concentrate is grind by using the ultra fine grinding mill, and then the finished product can be obtained through acid hydrolysis and other steps.

ultra fine grinding mill