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About Gypsum Powder Making

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How to make gypsum powder
Raw material: natural gypsum ore, gypsum, phosphogypsum) project of building gypsum powder production line process is divided into four steps:
(1) Crushing process
(2) Pre-grinding process
(3) Calcining process
(4) Storage and transport process
In the gypsum powder grinding plant, gypsum grinding equipment is used for gypsum pulverizing to produce gypsum powder from crushed gypsum rock. CLIRIK Machinery can supply the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility which is fitted for gypsum grinding process, to produce a wide range of micron size of chemical purity, outstanding brightness and controlled particle size distribution.

Gypsum powder making production line

In the gypsum powder making production line, a series of continuous production equipment are used for produce production drilling. 1.3 tons of ore storage and selection of gypsum can produce about one ton of gypsum powder gypsum in the calcinations process. Gypsum is shipped from stope site to storage and selection site. Through storage to resolve two issues: a guarantee continuous production, will not be discontinued because the raw moment supply is not enough; the two is that by storage manually sorting, we can ensure the quality of the product, to produce qualified products.
Crushing process usually has to process two stages to ensure the gypsum stone is suitable for calcinations process. A primary ore crusher crush gypsum stone into smaller particles, and the general control of particle size is less than 8cm, and after screening, the larger particles will have a re-crushing, and the smaller particles will be convey by the belt conveyor into the secondary crushing with a hammer crusher machine to control the particle diameter less than 2 cm, and then transfer by the bucket elevator into the rotary kiln calcination. Calcined calcination process is the main process of the production of gypsum powder in a rotary kiln.

gypsum powder production line