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How to replace the grinding roller of stone Raymond Mill

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Stone Raymond Mill is a popular milling equipment in the powder processing industry. Divided into different models according to the size of the production, Stone Raymond mill is composed of multiple parts, the grinding roller is a key component of the entire machine, playing a vital role in the work process. In the event of a failure, the replacement process is more complicated. Therefore, how to replace the grinding roller of Raymond Mill has become a concern of most customers. Editor has detailed understanding of the replacement of Stone Raymond Mill Roller by our company's engineers. The following is Stone Raymond Milling Machine grinding roller replacement method and detailed steps.

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Stone Raymond mill grinding roller removal

If you want to replace the grinding roller, you must first disassemble it. However, this disassembly is also a technical activity. It requires certain steps. The detachment of the rush will definitely not achieve our purpose, so we must understand how to properly disassemble the roller of the Stone Raymond machine. . Here are the steps to remove the Stone Raymond mill grinding roller:

1. First remove the protective cover, V-belt, flat belt and double pulley on the left side of the Stone Raymond mill body;

2, then remove the gear box and the size gear on the right side of the fuselage;

3. Remove the pull-down spring assembly, remove the grinding door, and remove the left and right, front and rear blocks and four bearing block assemblies. At this time, the grinding roller can be gently removed from the grinding door.

Stone Raymond mill grinding roller installation

After the Stone Raymond mill grinding roller is removed, its installation and disassembly sequence is just the opposite. As long as we follow the correct steps, we can successfully install the newly purchased grinding roller. Cllirik specializes in the production of various types of Stone Raymond mills. If you encounter any problems during the disassembly and installation of the Stone Raymond mill roller, you can call our after-sales service to consult. Arrange for professionals to explain to you one by one.

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Precautions when replacing Stone Raymond grinding roller

1. The new grinding roller device should carefully check whether the connecting bolt nut plug is loose before and after use;

2. Whether the lubricating grease is sufficient or not;

3, in the process of replacing the bearing to pay attention to one of the more important thing is that the bearing does not enter sand or other impurities, this will affect the normal operation of the bearing, but also make the life of the grinding roller greatly reduced, this is special Attention

4. When the grinding roller device is used for more than 500 hours to replace the grinding roller, the rolling bearings in the roller sleeve must be cleaned, and the damaged parts should be replaced;

5. The refueling tool can be refueled by manual refueling or butter refueling.

I believe that after reading this article, you have been able to replace the Stone Raymond grinding roller ring. If you want to know more about Stone Raymond Mills, you can contact us.