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Solve powder grinding mill bearing rust

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With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, mechanization has been widely used in production and life. The operation of the powder grinding mill can not be separated from the support of the bearing. It is an important component in the mechanical transmission process. It can be said that it is the link of life of a device. It plays a role in fixing and reducing the friction coefficient of the load in the machine. Simply speaking, when the other parts of the equipment move relative to each other on the shaft, the bearing can be used to reduce the friction coefficient during power transmission and to maintain the stability of the shaft center position.

powder grinding mill

One of the inevitable problems in the use of bearings is the problem of rust. powder grinding mill equipment is generally made of steel. When grinding mill materials, it is caused by the moisture in the boring water and the moisture in the air. Will cause the rust of the bearing part of the pulverizer. At this time, it will seriously affect the normal operation of the complete set of equipment of the powder grinding mill, affecting its production efficiency and even causing damage to the equipment. How can we avoid these problems? in conclusion:

powder grinding mill

The bearings of the powder grinding mill can be divided into main bearings and auxiliary bearings. In some cases, if the main bearing is rusted, the main treatment method can be coated with a layer of lubricant or sandpaper. It is ok to dispose of the rust smoothly. In addition, if the auxiliary bearing appears, you can consider replacing the auxiliary bearing directly, but this will increase the cost of the fitting. There is a simple and cost-effective method, when the bearing is rusted. The rusted bearing can be slightly infiltrated in the diesel oil, and then slightly polished with fine sandpaper. This is that the rust will disappear quickly and can be used again without affecting the normal operation of the machine.