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The price of the mine has increased substantially, the grinding mill is ready to go

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The prolonged iron ore negotiations are increasingly moving in a definite direction, that is, global iron ore companies jointly raise prices and finally move toward their expected market effects. From the beginning of the iron ore negotiations, Rio Tinto proposed a 40% price hike. BHP Billiton began to propose a 50% increase in the temporary settlement price in February, until the current price increase of 90% in Vale. The related steel market has already shown initial price increase behavior, and then more lower-level industries will inevitably suffer, and a new round of overall price fluctuations has been inevitable in the inevitable.

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In addition to the intuitive price increase of other underlying industries, the increase in mineral prices has a certain degree of influence on the mining industry itself, and more low-grade ore deep processing selection has been taken seriously. China is a country with a very low grade of mineral resources, especially iron ore, which accounts for 96% of poor ore resources. Deep processing of ore by crusher and grinding mill, and then through fine magnetic separation, roasting and other technical means, can greatly improve the taste of ore, in the current situation of ore and steel prices are rising, independent processing, Increasing the taste of ore is undoubtedly a good opportunity for domestic mining companies to reverse the passive situation.

The basic crushing equipment required for ore processing includes: In addition to the previous jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, fine processing also requires various types of mill equipment. In order to meet the development needs of large-scale mineral processing trends, the output and processing strength of crusher and mill products will inevitably need to be improved to a greater extent. The current international minerals negotiation trend also inevitably leads to crushers and milling. Machine manufacturers accelerate the development of technology and continue to introduce more types of efficient crushing equipment.

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